Since the launch of Closed Beta, there have been many opinions that Valorant deserves to be considered a blockbuster, the most prominent game of 2020, at least for the FPS genre. Even, many people call it the perfect combination of two famous game series, CS: GO and Overwatch. However, it seems that for Riot Games, combining the two titles is still nothing, what they want is probably a product that completely converges the essence of all other super products, while meeting Respect all needs of gamers.

Valorant sắp ra mắt chế độ Team Deathmatch như Đột Kích, hứa hẹn còn học theo cả URF, All for One của LMHT - Ảnh 1.

Valorant promises to launch more Team Deadthmatch mode
The 5vs5 bombing mode is similar to CS: GO, with unique skills like Overwatch, the ranking system is somewhat similar to League of Legends, and recently, according to sources, the Valorant development team has also been speaking about the addition of a completely new mode, but very familiar to Vietnamese gamers, especially those who have worked with Crossfire – Raid in the past. Specifically, that is Team Deadthmatch mode.
“Although it is not yet confirmed officially on the day of the launch of this mode, we understand this is the desire of players in many regions and are also willing to meet it. Currently, the whole team is building a the number of technologies needed to develop Team Deadthmatch in a unique and unique way, the most different ever “- Jared Berbach – Valorant production director shared.

Valorant sắp ra mắt chế độ Team Deathmatch như Đột Kích, hứa hẹn còn học theo cả URF, All for One của LMHT - Ảnh 2.

Even Valorant’s ambition will not stop with having a separate Team Deathmatch mode. According to him, because he is the darling of Riot Games, it is very likely that the new game modes according to the event flow, learning from the LMHT modes such as URF, All For One will also be applied to Valorant. accordingly. And depending on the feedback, the amount of votes from the audience, whichever favorite mode will gradually become the default mode.
Just then, it seems that Riot Games is planning to turn Valorant into a true masterpiece, which is the convergence of all the quintessence of today’s famous games. Currently, although not officially opened in Vietnam, but Valorant has received a lot of attention and is gradually becoming the number one topic of attention for the FPS gaming community.