Undaunted: The First Heresy is a new fast-paced first-person shooter released by Crescent Moon Games and developed by Trimatra Interactive.
Inspired a lot from Doom, Hexen, and Heretic, based on the fantasy world with procedurally created levels to explore every time you die. The game is set as a prelude to the full title they want to release later Undaunted: The First Hersey will play the role of introducing the Indomitable Universe that they hope to create.

This game was advertised as having the same mechanism as their full game, but due to the limitations of the ongoing pandemic, they chose this route instead.

Undaunted: The First Heresy - Game đa nền tảng mới lấy cảm hứng từ Doom và Heretic

Undaunted: The First Heresy is set in the ancient Greek Gods and Monsters world where you play Theseus, the hero revolving around the Minotaur on Earth. After being revived in the afterlife, you face hell again. King Minos, famous in the afterlife as the Judge of the Dead, locked his friend in his Labyrinth for killing his son, Tartarus – Minotaur. Discover secrets, escape from the Great Labyrinth.

Undaunted: The First Heresy - Game đa nền tảng mới lấy cảm hứng từ Doom và Heretic

The game features the tradition of any first-person shooter from the retro era – Run, gun, and survive. The battle will see you use magic and employ a variety of powerful staff. You will start with the basic equipment, and you have to scavenge better items to earn mana and gold. You can use gold to buy consumables or improve your weapons. The central-based system is where you will be able to unlock privileges, upgrades, and skills to improve your chances of survival and eventually escape. Choose from nine different prohibited weapons – long-range and melee from the Hell realms to use.

The generation of intelligent procedure levels will ensure a unique experience every time you return to uncover the secrets of the dungeon – each level is created from a well-tuned model. Each time you die, you will be taken back to the center, while losing all your weapons and some gold for the Soul Ruler: Charon. In addition, it will also come with survival mode, where you will face countless enemies spawning in waves.