360-degree camera – the most popular beautiful photography app in the world
This is the image editing software “storming” for years and is always favored to install on your computer. It can be said that this software is the birth of shimmering images with photography features and amazing effects not inferior to today’s professional software.

This is a very popular photography app for those who love photo editing on smartphones on all three platforms Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The most outstanding advantages: Possessing many filters, many unique stickers, and rich photographic modes. Weaknesses, perhaps the interface has not been simplified, quite tangled for new users.

Snow – the hottest beauty photography app today

Snow is a simple way if you want to surprise your friends with unique selfie photos or videos. The application provides users with a variety of options such as adding motion stickers, doodle, or caption to photos in real-time. You can easily select your favorite sticker, apply it to your face to see if it is okay before touching the shutter button at the bottom of the interface.

VSCO – beautiful photography application with countless beautiful color filters

If you are tired of the fanciful sparkling filters, VSCO Cam will take you to the land of fascinating deep colors. The most obvious disadvantage of VSCO Cam is that the software is free to install, but if you want to use beautiful colors, you have to spend money to buy more.

Line Camera – beautiful photography application from Korea

Not only owning color editing effects, beauty functions, collage, dub … and sharing photos on social networks, Line also contains more than 5000 free sticker stickers to help users can be carefree. Use and modify your images without fear of being “in touch” with each other. Isn’t that great?

PicsArt – the most versatile beautiful photography app

PicsArt is considered a beautiful photography application that makes young people crazy and attached to the most loyal by its versatility. Simple interface, easy to use, and a series of interesting editing effects not inferior to specialized image editing software is the reason why a large number of young people choose this software.

In addition to the above applications, you can now shorten the time to edit photos by using smartphones with a unique camera integrated with natural editing technology. In particular, the most notable products from the Vivo brand such as Vivo V17 Pro, Vivo V12, Vivo V11i, … are able to meet the photographic needs of users, thanks to the AI technology, so Vivo products can take photos and record videos in any context with extremely sharp image quality. In addition, the integration of outstanding features such as automatic light adjustment, photography styling suggestions, AR funny stickers, HDR, Super Night Mode, self-makeup mode, etc. are the characteristics. Outstanding only in the Vivo phone line.