The game is promised to be a worthy replacement for Left 4 Dead 3 that many gamers have been waiting for years.

As expected earlier, the world’s most prestigious award – The Game Awards 2020 officially took place at dawn yesterday. Not only the awards are expected by gamers like Game of The Year, The Game Awards 2020 also attracts the attention of the gaming community because this is where game developers will release the game’s trailer.

One of the new titles appearing at The Game Awards 2020 is Back 4 Blood – a 4-player zombie co-op shooter and a spiritual successor to the famous Left 4 Dead series. by Valve, however the developer of the title is Turtle Rock Studios. The game is promised to be a worthy replacement for Left 4 Dead 3 that many gamers have been waiting for years.

The first official trailer of Back 4 Blood reminds of the trailer of Left 4 Dead that Valve released many years ago. There are still four characters, three boys and a girl fighting against the hordes of zombies, along with some special mutant monsters with superior abilities, in a world ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. There are also familiar weapons from the old game series like Molotov, submachine gun and M-16. But Back 4 Blood is different from Left 4 Dead in that the game will have a context when the zombie pandemic takes place instead of the center of translation like the old game series.

This is definitely not Left 4 Dead 3, as Valve has basically abandoned the series entirely but Back 4 Blood is a perfect game for those who love the 4-player zombie co-op shooting style of the series. Left 4 Dead game of Turtle Rock seems determined to remind Valve that they’ve got the golden ticket for the Left 4 Dead game but they’ve wasted it and Turtle Rock will be next to get it.

The official website of Back 4 Blood confirmed that the beta version of the game will officially begin on December 17 in closed alpha form, which means that only a small number of lucky players will be able to try it out game title. Registration also confirmed that Back 4 Blood alpha will be limited to PC via Steam starting today, the beta is likely to be very limited.

Recommended minimum PC specifications for the Back 4 Blood beta are Intel Core i5-8500 or higher CPU, 8GB of RAM, GeForce GTX 770 / Radeon RX 480 or higher, and Windows 10. However, those are This technique does not completely show whether the in-game experience can be smooth or not.

Turtle Rock Studios has had a hard time getting to it. After Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock was acquired by Valve and then fired by Valve less than a year and a half later. But the developer didn’t give up, the team spent 5 years working on Evolve and an AAA project called Perfect World, but was delayed indefinitely. Recently, Turtle Rock Studios decided to revive its pet child with the launch of Back 4 Blood.