A Chinese game company is about to release a mobile version of its famous strategy game with its original context and playstyle preserved.
According to 2P, the game developer KidJoy announced that it will soon release a mobile version of the Commandos game, including the iconic characters and familiar tasks from the original game.

In the mobile version, players can choose from 8 special characters, each with different abilities. Share with fans, the game company said the biggest difficulty in the development is to improve the interface to match the way the game is played on mobile devices.
“This strategy game has left a deep impression on me as a child and now I’m very excited to experience it again on mobile devices,” one user commented.

Commandos is a popular World War II computer-based strategy game series, with 5 parts from 1998 to 2006. In the game, the player controls a group of 6 soldiers, with their own skills to carry out different tasks on the enemy bases. The game requires high calculation, so that the characters can work together smoothly. The name “Commandos” is taken from the name of the British Special Forces.