The survival games are now surely no stranger to gamers around the world. Fortnite, Free Fire, Apex Legends … have achieved success on a global scale with hundreds of millions of players. The genre of survival exploded and became so popular that many people have no idea where it came from.

The battle royale concept was originally from a Japanese series titled “Battle Royale”. In 2000, where a class of high school students are sent to the abandoned island. There, they had to fight each other until only one survivor remained. This was also the time when the battle royale concept came into being, and it inspired the next series, movies, and games.

The novel The Hunger Game and later was transformed into a movie also contributed significantly to making the battle royale concept popular around the world. Since then, many people started making games inspired by the mortal arena.

At the same time, Dean Hall created the AMAR II mod called DayZ. In this game, players are dropped into an island full of zombies and must collect items and weapons to survive. Then in September 2012, Brendan Greene (the father of PUBG) created a mod from DayZ called DayZ Battle Royale. This mod quickly received attention from the DayZ community and became famous very quickly but it fell to oblivion when DayZ was released as an indie game in 2013.

Brendan Greene went on to work on another mod called PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale on ARMA III and it became extremely popular. This is the original form of the PUBG game we play today. The Daybreak Game Company then invited Brendan Greene to be their advisor to create H1Z1 Battle Royale. While H1Z1 sold over 1 million copies in March 2015, it was hit hard by technical issues like disconnection to the server.

Brendan Greene then worked with BlueHole (now Krafton Game Union), who asked him to work with them to create the game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround, also known as PUBG that gamers are familiar with. PUBG has introduced a whole new style of play to the world with giant maps, realistic graphics and survival gameplay. PUBG is the game that has brought the battle royale concept to the world and created a survival fever with all the new titles like Fornite, Apex Legend, …

PUBG broke the Steam record when it had 3.2 million players at the same time at its official launch and has truly made history and reshaped the gaming industry dominated by MOBA and FPS games like DOTA 2. , LOL and CS: GO.
Later, when PUBG Mobile was born, this game once again changed the game world. The PUBG PC version is the origin of PUBG Mobile. Both games have almost identical gameplay with giant maps and 99 players fighting each other until only 1 player remains. You can do all kinds of action in PUBG Mobile just like in PUBG PC, with only difference in terms of graphics.