Stranded Deep is a survival game that simulates an airplane crash on the Pacific Island. You will find ways to survive here.

A few days ago, Epic Games released The Long Dark for free as well as the survival category. Background in cold Canadian lands. This time, Stranded Deep brings players to the warm, sunny tropical sea, fresh fruits and seafood. In addition, the survival factor has reduced the way for creativity, relaxation, and exploration of nature. The game will give you the feeling of barefoot on white sand, soaking in warm water. Lying on the beach overlooking the horizon, drink coconut water from the tree you just climbed up to pick.

Simple game mechanics such as dragging furniture, carrying shields, creating rudimentary tools, building … enough for you to form an epic “establishment” right on the island. You can even make a wooden raft to travel to the surrounding deserted islands. In the great open world belongs to the Pacific Ocean. From rocks, branches, leaves, logs. The combined recipe for the manipulation is quite simple. You only need a stone, rope and a stick to have a hammer to close or chop everything. Or a little wood or stone made fire to bake food.

The indicators of survival, time, strength … are displayed with the smart watch that the character wears on his hand. They are simplified into bars like telephone waves. You can search for wooden crates, containers, shipwrecks near shore. They will provide tools for your survival. Hunt animals on the deserted island for meat, and roast on the fire into a delicious meal. Game is a journey of finding, crafting, eating and hanging out. Feel free to do what you like without worrying about anything. This game is very similar to the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks.

Annotation system, delicate game instructions in game interface. Helping you quickly master the desert island that you just “stayed”. The graphics in the game are in a realistic style, though not very smooth because the game was released in January 2015 on PC. In 2020, Stranded Deep is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Australian company Beam Team Games is the developer and publisher of this ecotourism-oriented survival game. Spending free time on the weekend playing games, chill with cheerful songs: Love, Love Boat on the waves, In Summer, Sea of Love is an idea worth considering.