Santa is a character loved by people all over the world. But in the following PC games, he is a tough opponent that you need to beat.

Santa Clawz (Saints Row 4)

Appeared in How The Saint Save Christmas DLC pack. Santa Clawz is the evil version of Santa Claus in the world of this super game. Different from the image of a gentle, kind old man that we often see, this is a great man with a conspiracy to conquer the world and turn a merry Christmas into a festival of death with gifts capable of killing. people are broadcast everywhere. Fortunately, this world has friends with the group The Saints when not only stopping the perverted plot, but everyone also has a good job giving gifts to worthy people.

Krampus (CarnEvil)

Perhaps many of you believe that Krampus and Santa Claus are two completely different characters. However, in the CarnEvil world, these two characters are reconciled once they are shaped and still retain some of the characteristics of Santa Claus, such as a white beard, a chubby figure. But Krampus doesn’t want to stuff your socks with gifts, but instead wants to stick his sharp nails into your chest.

 Evil Santa (Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko)

In Gex 3, our protagonist Gecko travels through different worlds in one TV to save his companions to make sure Christmas shows go on schedule. In the first world, Gecko will have to confront a version of Santa Claus, but whether this is the good version, not the evil version. So why does the Gex have to fight him? Simply because our Gex character is on the list of bad kids.

Cyborg Santa (Killing Floor)

What will happen on the way to deliver presents that Santa Claus is kidnapped, cloned and injected with super soldier virus? We will have an extremely annoying monster, Cyborg Santa of Killing Floor, instead of giving free gifts (excluding Ship fees), this Santa also gives gifts to gamers (but weapon of high power), but you can only receive a gift after defeating him. Perhaps as soon as Santa Claus does not forget to do a good job, besides giving gifts, he is also a quite difficult challenge that requires you and your friends to work together, thereby helping to make feelings more difficult.

Santa (Secret of Mana)

In the world of Secret of Mana, for many reasons, children in this world gradually lose faith in Santa causing him to become depressed, then he wants to use the Mana seed to create a giant Christmas tree. giant to regain lost faith. But the plan failed, he was corrupted by that power, making him a boss in the Frost Gigas area. He only returned to normal after being defeated by the main characters and exercised divine powers so that he once again returned to work hard to create memorable Christmas in the world.