After its huge success with titles like League of Legends, Riot Games has sought to get into the FPS market share with Valorant. Valorant has quite quickly become a feverish game in the gaming community, with more and more players participating in this game.

Valorant’s approach to the FPS arena is more planned and tactical than other first person shooters like Call of Duty. It was a more clearly planned experience than the frenetic match types of some other titles.

Valorant adds depth to the battle by giving the player the option to choose from 5 different characters or “Agents”. Each Agent comes with their own equipment set, basically unique abilities and powers that are unique to each character.

Valorant excels at slowing down, encouraging gamers to play more strategically and carefully making their moves like a team. The emphasis on team play is what makes Valorant such an attractive game.

Here are 5 similar games that can help you in case you are looking for a game that gives you a similar experience as Valorant, invite you to join us.
Apex Legends
You might think Apex Legends is completely unlike Valorant when it comes to design. The similarity, however, lies in the fact that both games are better made to include unique characters.

Apex Legends thrives by giving players 13 unique “Legends” with a unique Kit with special powers and abilities to help them grow. Think of Apex Legends as the character-based battle of Valorant brought into the battle royale genre.

One of the most underrated games of the past decade, Paladins surprisingly has a very strong player base. This hero-based shooter also allows players to choose from a range of unique characters and use their special abilities when fighting.

Once invited to be a competitor to Overwatch, Paladins tries to meet those lofty expectations and then some. This is one of the best free games offering Triple-A level polish and content.
Despite the nagging match-match issues and a few bugs elsewhere, Paladins was a very good experience. For fans who want to play shooters based on heroes, Paladins will fill that void in the free-to-play genre.

Overwatch is a vastly faster experience than Valorant but if players are looking to play a game they can experiment with with different characters, then this is the game for them.
Overwatch was one of the best games that came out of the year of its release, and to this day still one of the most multiplayer games. There’s a lot of depth to the game’s combat and gunplay, and like Valorant, there’s a certain learning path with each character.

Every match in Overwatch is heavily influenced by pre-match character selection and the exact combination can do wonders for a team. The game encourages players to experiment and try out different characters to find one that really suits their style of play.
There was a lot of hype on the internet prior to Valorant’s release when the internet was rampant with comments saying that Riot Games’ shooter would be the “killer of CS: GO”. However, that is far from this case as both games coexist in their own specific space.
CS: GO is at the forefront of the tactical FPS genre and has had a major impact on the industry. Its influence can be seen clearly in stifling, well-known arena shooters like Valorant.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbox Six Siege could be Ubisoft’s biggest hit in the past decade, which says a lot as the company has been so successful over the past decade.
Rainbow Six Siege rocked things dramatically with a tactical first-person shooting experience that encouraged formative gameplay. Running and shooting won’t do you much good in Rainbow Six, but it’s better to play according to the Operative strengths and work with your teammates.