Night in the Woods is a PC game with highly educational, content-intensive game. Nice minimalistic graphics, rich and nuanced sound.

You will play as Margaret “Mae” Borowski, 20 years old, dropped out of college, back home in the town of Possum Springs. She reunites with old friends Bea, Gregg, Angus … During the Halloween festival, Mae witnessed one person being kidnapped. Mae and her friends go into the woods to find out the criminals. They are caught chasing by a group of people in red robes, Mae falling and comatose. Somehow, Mae was able to return home. Mae began to show many manifestations of psychological illness, problems with the ability to connect with others around …

The essence of the game is like a comic book series from content to images. The characters in the game are animalized, Mae is the mischievous, hyperactive cat. The other friends are foxes, bears, and birds and have completely separate personalities. For example, Angus is smart and caring for his friends, Gregg likes to chatter.

The initial game content is simple and complex as you adventure deeply into the journey of the best friends. The sound in Night in the Woods was given a lot of care. It makes the game more attractive, depending on the situation that the music plays, making the game easier for players to understand. Music is exciting and cheerful when friends dance together. Relaxing and dragging music when your group is just gossiping. The scary, murky sound of the group entering the forest. The game has no lines or voices (except the sounds emanating from the secondary elements, the television in the room for example). This stimulates the imagination and increases your concentration while playing the game.

The environment in the game is quite wide, from the house on the street to convenience stores, bookstores … and definitely a mysterious forest. Usually the game is just a dialogue between two people. Thereby you will understand the personality of each character in the game. Mae’s fantasies and bizarre dreams are intertwined with real time. They talked about the problem, the fear deep within Mae. What do you think when you find yourself running and jumping over the ruins. Fish swimming lurking around, then a giant bird appeared and disappeared ?!

Night in the Woods is like a life lesson. Which the developer wants to send to young people. Experience this adventure game, you may encounter yourself, in the characters’ dialogue. The passage of waking up alone after a nightmare. Lost in a bar full of people playing. They “don’t see” you standing in a lonely corner. When you say your problem but the person you are facing doesn’t understand… all these situations are at Night in the Woods.

Night in the Woods adventure, dialogue, and adventure games are being offered by Epic Games for free until 23:00 at 28/12/2020.