Up to now, League of Legends is almost at the end of the season. So Riot Games has just announced its plans for this game in the remaining 3 months of 2020. Accordingly, they will introduce 3 new generals in the article just posted this morning. The first is the champion that League of Legends fans have known recently, that is Seraphine. Although Riot Games did not mention the champion’s name, they did describe the new champion as a rising female celebrity in Piltover and Zaun.

In addition, the development team explained that she will make people become crazy fans thanks to her talent. With the wallpaper above, everyone can see that this character is completely similar to Seraphine. In recent times, the League of Legends community has been buzzing about the discovery that Seraphine will collaborate with the K / DA band to perform at Worlds 2020. So everyone predicts that this is also the time. Seraphine was formally introduced.

The next champion looks a bit more mysterious. The photo above is the board’s bounty for a dangerous figure. Accordingly, this character is a heavy and mountable support general. He has the ability to retreat extremely quickly, quite similar to Kled.

And finally, the general is released in 2021. This will be a League of Legends general specializing in the ability to fight with the ability to control the mind and play with other people’s emotions.