With a storyline with investment and traditional turn-based strategy gameplay, Azure Saga is a great JRPG that will launch a mobile platform. In Azure Saga: Pathfinder, players will be sent to the future world, where humanity must wander across the vast universe in search of a planet that inhabits. Play as a young scientist named Synch and travel across a galaxy sparkling with stars.

On the journey to find his lost father with Noide robot, he will meet many wonderful companions as well as discover the secrets of the legendary planet called Azure – a place filled with life. and resources for mankind to escape doom.

As a game released for the first time on the Nintendo Switch system, Azure Saga uses 2.5D graphics with characters drawn in the 2D comic style extremely beautiful and detailed. In addition to the extremely deep storyline, players also experience a traditional role-playing game with full of adventure features, collecting treasures and turn-based strategy combat. Publisher MassHive Media is expected to launch Azure Saga: Pathfinder on iOS mobile platforms on September 23, 2020. Players can update on the game’s homepage for more details.