The GTA franchise is undeniably the pinnacle of the open-world genre. These are 5 titles that are likely to compete with the GTA franchise in the future.

The GTA brand has certainly affirmed the throne of open-world games and became the undisputed king since appearing on the big stage with GTA III – A PC game. While GTA has always been the highlight of the season, many studios choose to create games with their own unique identities instead of trying to do what Rockstar Games does.

Watch Dogs

The Watch Dogs franchise has seen a resurgence in the highest order and has made a rare comeback in the game. After a slightly rough start to the original Watch Dogs franchise, Ubisoft returned to the drawing board and tweaked the game’s tone and its approach to gameplay.
The sequel result is probably one of the best open-world titles in a long time and easily one of the best quality products from Ubisoft. Watch Dogs: Legion is currently one of the most anticipated titles of 2020 and things are to be expected.


Rockstar Games has gone through a tough time lately, with the departure of co-founder Dan Houser and creative key figure, Lazlow Jones. However, one of the biggest losses for the company was the departure of Chairman Rockstar North and lead producer on almost every GTA title as well as Red Dead, Leslie Benzies. The title is in the works under the title “Everywhere”, and Leslie is sure to keep an eye on competing for the GTA franchise with the project. There is very little information regarding the next match but the competition is always in favor of gamers as well as participating companies.

Sleeping Dogs

Right now, the Sleeping Dogs franchise is on ice, and the only new thing coming out as part of the series is a re-release on current consoles as “Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition”. The title is probably one of the most beloved titles in 2020 and sadly one of the titles that did not hit a big hit at release.
The game has been touted as a spiritual successor to titles like Shenmue and is a potential competitor to GTA. However, the game has a distinct identity beyond the pitfalls of the open-world and inevitably, GTA genre. The game was not a financial success when released and received mixed reviews from critics. As a result, any plans for the sequel were rejected by Square Enix and United Front Games.

Saints Row

The Saints Row franchise is also on the decline following a backlash against its spin-off title, Agents of Mayhem. Initially, the game series was unfairly criticized as a “GTA plagiarism” and wrongly removed for being a derivative title. However, the franchise will continue to develop a completely unique identity and has been hailed as one of the most creative and exotic open-world titles in existence. The franchise has removed all pretense of reality and chose to go with the ridiculousness and camping. Some even claim that GTA Online is currently taking notes from Saints Row and its absurd sci-fi elements, which inspired many of GTA Online’s many media and game modes.


Mafia III may not be the game 2K and Hangar 13 were expecting, as it is the most ambitious game among the titles in the series. The third installment in the trilogy has chosen to take the full open world path, leaving the rather linear structure of the previous titles. It was a bold move from the studio but also one that wasn’t as successful as it should have been. However, the game’s bug comes from the way the mission structure and the play loop are repeated over and over, which can still be fixed. The game is still backed by great text and creative flair, which makes the Mafia franchise the home of some of the most cinematic titles in history.