Crown Trick belongs to the genre of turn-based strategy, go scene, find path. Fight with learned skills and combine natural elements to destroy monsters.

Game rules, as you move, the enemy moves in response to your action. It is a chess game, where you have the right to go ahead of a country. But you must always be alert, think carefully before making a decision, not limited by time, so this game is slow to play. Crown Trick is a simple PC game in terms of gameplay but with a huge amount of equipment and skills. Crown is the gamer companion who will explain everything in detail. For players to grasp the principles and features in the game.

You can rely on terrain factors and objects available in the field. Use them to fight flexibly and creatively. For example, you can use a fire to light the oil spill. When the monsters stand in the water, you throw lightning in it to increase damage. Every time you destroy the boss, you will learn its skills to use in the next stage. Each basement contains treasures in a discreet place, if you work hard you will pick up many gold coins and diamonds.

Unique points in Crown Trick: 60 passive, 40 skills, 30 items using directly and nearly 200 special spells. This is enough for you to build your character to be unique, not in contact with anyone. Besides, there are more than 100 different monsters and 10 bosses waiting for you to destroy. If you play this game over and over again, challenge yourself through the fun in-game step count system.
NEXT Studios is in charge of developing and releasing Crown Trick. On two systems Windows and Nintendo Switch. Adventure game with a top-down perspective, in tight spaces. Crown Trick has many magical colors set in medieval fantasy. Expected to hit the market on October 16, 2020.