Genshin Impact is configured on the PC is not light

Genshin Impact is actually an open world adventure game, where players will transform into a mysterious character, possess magical powers and embark on an adventure in a vast virtual world. Genshin Impact is the latest open-world role-playing game developed by Mihoyo, the father of the globally popular action blockbuster Honkai Impact 3. At E3 last year, the game was claimed […]

Bethesda adapted three blockbuster titles to PS5 and Xbox Series S / X

After officially “going home” with Microsoft, it seemed that Bethesda would quickly announce exclusive rights to their games for the Xbox ecosystem, but recently, the company has moved against the prediction of many people. The giant Microsoft has officially acquired ZeniMax Media – which owns a series of famous subsidiary companies of the game industry, including Bethesda Softworks, with a […]

Crown Trick an in-depth turn-based strategy game

Crown Trick belongs to the genre of turn-based strategy, go scene, find path. Fight with learned skills and combine natural elements to destroy monsters. Game rules, as you move, the enemy moves in response to your action. It is a chess game, where you have the right to go ahead of a country. But you must always be alert, think […]

Online game with gameplay similar to Valorant

After its huge success with titles like League of Legends, Riot Games has sought to get into the FPS market share with Valorant. Valorant has quite quickly become a feverish game in the gaming community, with more and more players participating in this game. Valorant’s approach to the FPS arena is more planned and tactical than other first person shooters […]