Online game with gameplay similar to Valorant

After its huge success with titles like League of Legends, Riot Games has sought to get into the FPS market share with Valorant. Valorant has quite quickly become a feverish game in the gaming community, with more and more players participating in this game. Valorant’s approach to the FPS arena is more planned and tactical than other first person shooters […]

Free Fire will have an event in conjunction with the popular TV series Money Heist in the near future

The combination of Free Fire and Money Heist will be a big step forward in the world’s hottest survival game. Garena recently revealed some confidential information in “Plan Bermuda” which is a combination of Free Fire and the famous Money Heist series. In fact, “Plan Bermuda” and the version of Remastered have been introduced by Garena on social networks for […]

Valorant is about to launch Team Deathmatch mode as Raid, promising to also follow the League of Legends, URF, All for One

Since the launch of Closed Beta, there have been many opinions that Valorant deserves to be considered a blockbuster, the most prominent game of 2020, at least for the FPS genre. Even, many people call it the perfect combination of two famous game series, CS: GO and Overwatch. However, it seems that for Riot Games, combining the two titles is […]

Helltaker Review: Fulfill the dream of the developer

During the trial play to evaluate Helltaker, I suddenly thought that maybe the developer liked evil girls so he made a game to earn more fanart.When an average gamer wants to find an adult image of his taste, what will he do? Of course, open the browser, go to Google and type in the necessary keywords, spend a few minutes […]