The legendary strategy game Commandos has a mobile version

A Chinese game company is about to release a mobile version of its famous strategy game with its original context and playstyle preserved.According to 2P, the game developer KidJoy announced that it will soon release a mobile version of the Commandos game, including the iconic characters and familiar tasks from the original game. In the […]

Lightweight PC offline game for computers with weak configurations (Part 1)

In this article, I would like to share 6 lightweight PC offline games to those who love the game, I hope these lightweight PC offline games will help you have moments of entertainment with your new computer. Half-life 1.3.Half-Life is a first-person shooter similar to science fiction films developed by Valve and published by Sierra […]

The US military plays online games to train skills in the COVID-19 epidemic

Usually, the soldiers will be in charge of operating the M1A2 Abrams tank in groups of 4. Each person is in charge of a position including commander, tank driver, cannon charger and cannon loader. However, for the online role-playing game War Thunder, each soldier will have their own tank, which will enable them to practice […]

Top 5 best photography apps in the world

360-degree camera – the most popular beautiful photography app in the worldThis is the image editing software “storming” for years and is always favored to install on your computer. It can be said that this software is the birth of shimmering images with photography features and amazing effects not inferior to today’s professional software. This […]