Helltaker Review: Fulfill the dream of the developer

During the trial play to evaluate Helltaker, I suddenly thought that maybe the developer liked evil girls so he made a game to earn more fanart.When an average gamer wants to find an adult image of his taste, what will he do? Of course, open the browser, go to Google and type in the necessary keywords, spend a few minutes […]

The legendary strategy game Commandos has a mobile version

A Chinese game company is about to release a mobile version of its famous strategy game with its original context and playstyle preserved.According to 2P, the game developer KidJoy announced that it will soon release a mobile version of the Commandos game, including the iconic characters and familiar tasks from the original game. In the mobile version, players can choose […]

For the first time in history, PUBG is free to open

Launched in late 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG quickly received the attention of the gaming community because of the interesting gameplay called Battle Royale that the game brought. In the game, players will join 99 other players to participate in a map battle, collecting items such as guns, backpacks, blood to survive and become the last survivor. There was a […]

PlayStation 5: All information revealed to date

PlayStation 5 (or PS5) is known as the next generation of the famous PlayStation console, released by Sony and will be released in late 2020. Although Sony is still quite tight-lipped, TechRadar has received a Reliable information about this device. PlayStation 5 release dateSony has officially confirmed that the PS5 will be released on the “holiday in 2020” (“in time […]

Top 5 best photography apps in the world

360-degree camera – the most popular beautiful photography app in the worldThis is the image editing software “storming” for years and is always favored to install on your computer. It can be said that this software is the birth of shimmering images with photography features and amazing effects not inferior to today’s professional software. This is a very popular photography […]

The best free game platforms today (Part 1)

Now that Steam is no longer in a monopoly position in the gaming application market, other publishers have developed their own gaming support tools or have more new quality options. inferior to the game store on Steam and offering many attractive promotions.The presence of Epic, Uplay, etc. has made the market become vibrant and there is a huge competition between […]

3 best games about Norse mythology and Vikings

Ancestors Legacy Ancestors Legacy was launched in 2018 as a real-time strategy game “sticking to history”, with the participation of Vikings, Anglo-Saxon, Germany and Slav fighting together to gain the upper hand. throughout Northern Europe. The game combines resource management, building bases with battles based on the ability to control the army (squad) on large-scale battlefields. All are shown in […]