In the past week, on the pirated game sharing forums, many names appeared to be impossible to crack due to protection by Denuvo. Is this DRM out of date?

About 4 to 5 years ago, crack was a very painful problem on PC, partly because security programs were not completed, partly because awareness about buying copyrighted games was not high. But then the internet and technology came together to come up with new anti-hacking measures like DRM technology. In the early days of this technology, it only required you to be connected to the internet to download part of the missing data or the main .exe file, but the technology was quickly overtaken by hackers. Until one day a horror appeared for both the crack user world and the original game Denuvo.

Denuvo has caused hackers to suffer for a long time because they are not limited to a certain security method but are constantly changing. Sometimes the key is based on hardware parameters, sometimes it continuously generates different exe files to limit unauthorized file access. Thanks to that, games that use Denuvo have been able to withstand for a long time.
The failure to crack the game was subjected to a lot of agitation that caused some hacking groups at that time like 3DM to disband. But everything comes at a price and the payers here are not game publishers but gamers, because Denuvo will use the user’s PC to run the algorithms that will make the game heavier. . That is why many games like Doom Enternal choose to give up this software after a period of use.

However, Denuvo seems to be losing its effectiveness in just a week when a series of major customers of this anti-crack software like Red Dead Redemption 2, Marvel’s Avengers, Mortal Kombat,…. Cracked and shared on many different sharing websites. Worse besides CPY, a hacker group with a long age and experience in dealing with Denuvo, gamers also witnessed the appearance of Empress a hacker group with all female members with similar achievements. Actually, it’s not because Denuvo isn’t doing well, it’s that the technology with the skills of hacker groups is making rapid progress.
In terms of technology, the hardware is both powerful and affordable (like the 30 series), so it is faster to run the decoding software. In terms of skills, hacking groups are now so familiar with what publishers and anti-hacking companies, even many groups share their knowledge and weaknesses of anti-hack software. Together, they hone their crack game skills together. So what direction for game makers when advanced anti-hack software like Denuvo is also slowly being defeated?

The quite simple answer is to focus on improving the quality of the games they produce, many of you will think that this is a too general answer when there have been countless publishers specializing in producing games. quality game but the problem of crack game bankrupt (typically the studio behind the three parts Bioshock). Do you guys remember some funny PC games like The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt or less famous like Shadow Warrior, they were games that said no to the DRM security mechanism since the very beginning of release and they still can. make a profit that even resonates nowadays.
Because of the extremely high quality and attraction plus the fact that they take care of gamers very well, it makes it easier for gamers to spend money supporting the publisher. Many gamers, after a long time playing hacking, still spend money to buy games when they see them with great discounts on distribution channels. If you think this is only true for a few small cases only. If you have such thoughts, you have not known GOG, this is a channel specializing in distributing such DRM-free games, but this distribution channel is still growing every day.