PlayStation 5: All information revealed to date

PlayStation 5 (or PS5) is known as the next generation of the famous PlayStation console, released by Sony and will be released in late 2020. Although Sony is still quite tight-lipped, TechRadar has received a Reliable information about this device.

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PlayStation 5 release date
Sony has officially confirmed that the PS5 will be released on the “holiday in 2020” (“in time for Holiday 2020”), so the company is likely referring to the October to December period of this year. Maybe launch near Thanksgiving, Christmas, or start available at New Year.
Interestingly, the new gaming console from Microsoft, called the Xbox Series X, will also be released around November of this year. The competition between two famous gaming consoles promises to stir up the technology market by the end of 2020.

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Sony PR has also confirmed that the PS5 release date is not delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, so fans will not need to worry as PS5 will definitely arrive later this year.
Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X select processors + graphics chips from AMD manufacturers. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su, the company is ramping up production to get it done as soon as possible, ensuring it meets the launch schedule of the devices.
Hopefully in the near future we will know the exact launch time of the PlayStation 5.
As of now, Sony has not officially confirmed the price of the PS5 console generation. The reason given is that the company has not reached a final decision on price.
According to Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki, there are many factors that affect the price of the product so it is not possible to discuss the amount of equipment at this time, the company will need time to define more about the costs involved and bring equilibrium prices to the market.

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Although Sony has not yet decided on the price, there has been some news regarding the expected price of PS5. A source said that the PS5 product line will be sold in North America for $ 499 (about 11.7 million).
If this really happens, it will be good news for customers because this price is only $ 100 higher than the starting price of PS4 and PS4 Pro. However, this is only a dream when a report from Bloomberg stated that the number of PS5 units produced will be less than the PS4 predecessor in 2013.
From there, Bloomberg also predicted that Sony will sell up to 6 million computers by March 2021, while the same period a few years ago, PS4 sold 7.5 million units.

Not because the PS5’s charisma is not that strong, it’s simply that user demand is expected to diminish. The PS5 comes with a strong hardware configuration and high-end features, so the price may not be soft at all.
However, Sony may also consider losing a bit to attract customers when competitors Xbox Series X also launched at the same time. Remember when the PS4 launched, this device was superior to the Xbox One series because of its more affordable price. Sony can completely redo this method for the new generation PS5.

Top 5 best photography apps in the world

360-degree camera – the most popular beautiful photography app in the world
This is the image editing software “storming” for years and is always favored to install on your computer. It can be said that this software is the birth of shimmering images with photography features and amazing effects not inferior to today’s professional software.

This is a very popular photography app for those who love photo editing on smartphones on all three platforms Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The most outstanding advantages: Possessing many filters, many unique stickers, and rich photographic modes. Weaknesses, perhaps the interface has not been simplified, quite tangled for new users.

Snow – the hottest beauty photography app today

Snow is a simple way if you want to surprise your friends with unique selfie photos or videos. The application provides users with a variety of options such as adding motion stickers, doodle, or caption to photos in real-time. You can easily select your favorite sticker, apply it to your face to see if it is okay before touching the shutter button at the bottom of the interface.

VSCO – beautiful photography application with countless beautiful color filters

If you are tired of the fanciful sparkling filters, VSCO Cam will take you to the land of fascinating deep colors. The most obvious disadvantage of VSCO Cam is that the software is free to install, but if you want to use beautiful colors, you have to spend money to buy more.

Line Camera – beautiful photography application from Korea

Not only owning color editing effects, beauty functions, collage, dub … and sharing photos on social networks, Line also contains more than 5000 free sticker stickers to help users can be carefree. Use and modify your images without fear of being “in touch” with each other. Isn’t that great?

PicsArt – the most versatile beautiful photography app

PicsArt is considered a beautiful photography application that makes young people crazy and attached to the most loyal by its versatility. Simple interface, easy to use, and a series of interesting editing effects not inferior to specialized image editing software is the reason why a large number of young people choose this software.

In addition to the above applications, you can now shorten the time to edit photos by using smartphones with a unique camera integrated with natural editing technology. In particular, the most notable products from the Vivo brand such as Vivo V17 Pro, Vivo V12, Vivo V11i, … are able to meet the photographic needs of users, thanks to the AI technology, so Vivo products can take photos and record videos in any context with extremely sharp image quality. In addition, the integration of outstanding features such as automatic light adjustment, photography styling suggestions, AR funny stickers, HDR, Super Night Mode, self-makeup mode, etc. are the characteristics. Outstanding only in the Vivo phone line.

The best free game platforms today (Part 1)

Now that Steam is no longer in a monopoly position in the gaming application market, other publishers have developed their own gaming support tools or have more new quality options. inferior to the game store on Steam and offering many attractive promotions.
The presence of Epic, Uplay, etc. has made the market become vibrant and there is a huge competition between gaming platforms. However, for professional gamers, they will know what is the best support tool and have their own options when they want to join a certain game. Here are the best gaming support tools available for computers that suggests inviting you to refer to.

Perhaps not needing to say too much about Steam, Steam is the most popular gaming support tool today, this is also the official distribution channel of the famous PC gaming products, which is the first choice of Reputable game publisher independently.

Giao diện của ứng dụng cập nhật game online Steam

Currently, Steam is also the largest gaming support platform with a large number of gamers because of its outstanding features such as free games, early release games, gameplay, refund, cloud storage, share games, etc. In fact, Steam is also gradually increasing attractive promotions to keep players in the face of fierce competition in the market.

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store has just appeared on the market, but it quickly became known by many gamers. The Epic Games Store was released by Epic Games and put their babies on their own production tools. Therefore, you will have more opportunities to receive promotions, free gifts than on Steam.

Giao diện chính của Epic Game Store

Besides the “growers” products, there are also many other well-known publishers that have also embarked with the Epic Games Store. Even when Epic Games Store was launched, 3 publishers left Steam to come to this new platform. Every week, Epic Games gives users a quality free game, even, there are events that are the top AAA games.

Origin is a product of Electronic Arts, perhaps at this time Origin also focuses on EA-released products such as sports, action, and simulation games such as FIFA 20, Star War, The Sim, or Battlefield. However, you can see that these products are very good quality and have a loyal, stable number of players. That is the basis for Origin to continue to grow.

Giao diện kho ứng dụng trên Origin

Test versions of The Sim or Battlefield are launched right on Origin, so gamers want to experience great quality products at extremely preferential prices.

3 best games about Norse mythology and Vikings

Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy was launched in 2018 as a real-time strategy game “sticking to history”, with the participation of Vikings, Anglo-Saxon, Germany and Slav fighting together to gain the upper hand. throughout Northern Europe.

The game combines resource management, building bases with battles based on the ability to control the army (squad) on large-scale battlefields. All are shown in a very detailed way thanks to the advanced Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard is an action role-playing game launched in 2017. This is the next version, continuing the story of Shores of Midgard and of course also based on the legend and history of the Vikings.

In the game, you will have to fight a series of monsters, horrible zombies led by Ragnarok, sent to destroy the world. Vikings – Wolves of Midgard allows gamers to participate in a battle alone or with online friends to complete the mission, it all depends on the player selected.

The game has a variety of weapons for you to choose from with either a craft balance shield or a powerful two-handed hammer or super flexible remote attack archer. Each type will have its own skill set to combo, destroying enemies that look great.

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard is really an action role-playing game with a very hands-on and eye-catching style. The graphic style is dark and the viewing angle is relatively similar to the famous Diablo game series.

In order to fulfill this wish, Thora’s soul will have to prove its power and character. Discover a vast land in Northern Europe, you will follow the ancient characters to find and fight the Jotun, the name of the giants in Norwegian mythology. With the personal skills and the help of the gods, could Thora prove herself eligible to come to Valhalla? It will all depend on you and you will be the one who continues to write the end of this myth.