Super hot mod of Team Fortress 2 is officially released for free

Players can download Team Fortress 2 Classic – the mod inspired by the original TF2 – today.

Mod siêu hot của Team Fortress 2 chính thức phát hành miễn phí

Developed by Eminoma, Mod Team Fortress 2 Classic was born with the aim of rediscovering joy from the original game. The developers have announced the release of the mod on official Twitter and the blog post provides more details for upcoming plans.

Mod siêu hot của Team Fortress 2 chính thức phát hành miễn phí

TF2’s Twitter wrote: “The last day! The 4th day of the Death & Taxes Update, Team Fortress 2 Classic is now available!” The blog post provides more information: “The moment that all of you have been waiting for is here. The Mod Team Fortress 2 Classic and the brand new update – Death & Taxes – have finally arrived. Now, players can use all-new weapons to destroy each other on all maps, including maps returned from Live TF2 “

Mod siêu hot của Team Fortress 2 chính thức phát hành miễn phí

The blog post also emphasized that: “Team Fortress 2 Classic is a re-enactment of the 2008-2009 era -” Fortress 2’s “classic era”, bringing some of the old features that have been removed and new content. such as weapons and game modes, which include game modes from the original TF2 like “Capture the Flag” or “Special Delivery.” Other additions include VIP, Domination and two new teams in several modes. level. In addition, some weapons from Live TF2 will also be returning in Team Fortress 2 Classic. “

Undaunted: The First Heresy – New multi-platform game inspired by Doom and Heretic

Undaunted: The First Heresy is a new fast-paced first-person shooter released by Crescent Moon Games and developed by Trimatra Interactive.
Inspired a lot from Doom, Hexen, and Heretic, based on the fantasy world with procedurally created levels to explore every time you die. The game is set as a prelude to the full title they want to release later Undaunted: The First Hersey will play the role of introducing the Indomitable Universe that they hope to create.

This game was advertised as having the same mechanism as their full game, but due to the limitations of the ongoing pandemic, they chose this route instead.

Undaunted: The First Heresy - Game đa nền tảng mới lấy cảm hứng từ Doom và Heretic

Undaunted: The First Heresy is set in the ancient Greek Gods and Monsters world where you play Theseus, the hero revolving around the Minotaur on Earth. After being revived in the afterlife, you face hell again. King Minos, famous in the afterlife as the Judge of the Dead, locked his friend in his Labyrinth for killing his son, Tartarus – Minotaur. Discover secrets, escape from the Great Labyrinth.

Undaunted: The First Heresy - Game đa nền tảng mới lấy cảm hứng từ Doom và Heretic

The game features the tradition of any first-person shooter from the retro era – Run, gun, and survive. The battle will see you use magic and employ a variety of powerful staff. You will start with the basic equipment, and you have to scavenge better items to earn mana and gold. You can use gold to buy consumables or improve your weapons. The central-based system is where you will be able to unlock privileges, upgrades, and skills to improve your chances of survival and eventually escape. Choose from nine different prohibited weapons – long-range and melee from the Hell realms to use.

The generation of intelligent procedure levels will ensure a unique experience every time you return to uncover the secrets of the dungeon – each level is created from a well-tuned model. Each time you die, you will be taken back to the center, while losing all your weapons and some gold for the Soul Ruler: Charon. In addition, it will also come with survival mode, where you will face countless enemies spawning in waves.

Helltaker Review: Fulfill the dream of the developer

During the trial play to evaluate Helltaker, I suddenly thought that maybe the developer liked evil girls so he made a game to earn more fanart.
When an average gamer wants to find an adult image of his taste, what will he do? Of course, open the browser, go to Google and type in the necessary keywords, spend a few minutes to a few hours scouring and evaluating the quality of millions of results and then turn off after you’ve done what you need to do. But that is the way of the “bare-eyed” guy like Me, but for a guy named Lukasz Piskorz (nick Twitter vanripperart) is different. I believe that this indie developer loves horny girls with suits so much that he makes Helltaker, a simple but fun puzzle game that is rated as high quality enough to … enticing talented painters to create images that meet the law # 34 of the internet.

Đánh giá Helltaker: Thỏa giấc mơ của… nhà phát triển

If that is really the goal of vanripperart, he succeeds because now just open Google and type “Helltaker,” you will find several million results and tens of thousands of pictures showing the devil girl easily. This game’s spooky and scary look in all poses and ages.

When I learned about the trend that Helltaker was creating, I was curious to find this name and discovered that it was a free game on Steam, selling only a set of artbook with … pancake recipes – Why then after playing the game you will clearly. But despite being free, the game is extremely high quality: after more than a month of launch, the game has attracted more than 30,000 gamers who spend time writing reviews on Steam, and 98% of them give advice. “Should play” for this game.

Đánh giá Helltaker: Thỏa giấc mơ của… nhà phát triển

The content of Helltaker can be summarized in a few short words but with the goal of … deceiving the number of words, I will reuse the introduction of the game on Steam: our main character wakes up one morning. After dreaming that I have a harem full of devil girls. As an alpha male “likes to move,” he decided to open the gate to hell (sounds like opening the door to the market) to fulfill his dream. Stepping through that gate, the view of hell stretched out before him with adorable little skeletons, square blocks of stone and cartoon-style images like a shabby mobile game. For Beetle, this is hell.

But under that simple shell, Helltaker is an interesting game that I feel I’m willing to pay to play. Its gameplay is very simple: you control the main character (unnamed, I will call him Lukasz temporarily) overcome many small obstacles, kick the bones, pick up the keys and open the door The room leads to where the demon girls are waiting. You only need to know two simple things that you can only lower the bone when kicking them on another object, and the alpha male Lukasz also only kicks a single rock is enough to enjoy the game.

Đánh giá Helltaker: Thỏa giấc mơ của… nhà phát triển

The puzzles in the game are quite easy at first, but their difficulty increases very quickly – that’s normal because the game has only 9 levels that you can complete in about 40-50 minutes. In each game screen, the game will give Lukasz a fixed number of turns, and each time Lukasz is trapped or perform any action, it will cost a turn. When the end of the turn but could not reach the demon, Lukasz will be … beaten and have to restart the game from the beginning. The game has no time limit to think, so gamers can comfortably rest their chin against their forehead, finding solutions for the game screen.

The legendary strategy game Commandos has a mobile version

A Chinese game company is about to release a mobile version of its famous strategy game with its original context and playstyle preserved.
According to 2P, the game developer KidJoy announced that it will soon release a mobile version of the Commandos game, including the iconic characters and familiar tasks from the original game.

In the mobile version, players can choose from 8 special characters, each with different abilities. Share with fans, the game company said the biggest difficulty in the development is to improve the interface to match the way the game is played on mobile devices.
“This strategy game has left a deep impression on me as a child and now I’m very excited to experience it again on mobile devices,” one user commented.

Commandos is a popular World War II computer-based strategy game series, with 5 parts from 1998 to 2006. In the game, the player controls a group of 6 soldiers, with their own skills to carry out different tasks on the enemy bases. The game requires high calculation, so that the characters can work together smoothly. The name “Commandos” is taken from the name of the British Special Forces.

Lightweight PC offline game for computers with weak configurations (Part 1)

In this article, I would like to share 6 lightweight PC offline games to those who love the game, I hope these lightweight PC offline games will help you have moments of entertainment with your new computer.

Half-life 1.3.
Half-Life is a first-person shooter similar to science fiction films developed by Valve and published by Sierra Studios for Microsoft Windows in 1998. This is Valve’s first product and is the first product in the Half-Life series. Players take on the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, who must fight the enemy to escape the secret research facility after an experiment goes wrong.

Half-Life 2 MMod 1.3 - Ravenholm Full Gameplay ☆New Weapons ...

Unlike many other titles at the time, the player had complete control of the Freeman character, and the story was told primarily through a series of scripts seen through his eyes. Valve co-founder Gabe Newell said the team wants to create a more vibrant world than a “gun gallery”.

Battle Realms.
Battle Realms is a real-time strategy game released and published by Crave Entertainment and Ubi Soft in 2001. This is the first game developed by Liquid Entertainment. Crave and Ubi Soft released the expansion pack Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf in 2002.

Game offline PC nhẹ mà hay dành cho những chiếc máy tính không còn quá mượt mà

The gameplay of Battle Realms like many other real-time strategy games is that the factions have resources available for production. Farmers are used to collect and build resources. The military buildings in Battle Realms are used to transform and upgrade farmers to the army instead of producing directly. An unusual feature is that farmers are automatically produced for free. The proportion of newly produced farmers is inversely proportional to the army’s current population.
Farmers collect three resources in the game: rice, water, and horses. Horses can be used to combine with other military units, ie riding or can turn into pack horses when delivered to farmers. Only farmers can produce. Most of the available buildings are places that train farmers to become soldiers. All factions start with 2 basic modes of fighting such as melee or ranged combat.

Bloody Roar II.
Bloody Roar is a series of fighting games created by Hudson Soft, and developed in conjunction with Eighting. The game has been published by many companies, including Virgin Interactive, Activision and Konami. Konami currently holds the franchise after Hudson Soft was “acquired” by the company in 2012.

The game started in 1997 under the name Beastorizer. The theme of the game combines “anthropomorphic”, where the player has the ability to transform into a half-human, half-animal. The game appeared under the name “Bloody Roar” when it was transferred to PlayStation in 1998, and kept the name from there.

The US military plays online games to train skills in the COVID-19 epidemic

Usually, the soldiers will be in charge of operating the M1A2 Abrams tank in groups of 4. Each person is in charge of a position including commander, tank driver, cannon charger and cannon loader.

Chú thích ảnh

However, for the online role-playing game War Thunder, each soldier will have their own tank, which will enable them to practice manipulating the position of other soldiers in the team. This is a type of training they have never had the opportunity to go through before.
“The idea came about because there are limitations in coaching opportunities. This is a training method aimed at conserving forces, ”Commander Mike Manougian said in an interview with the US Defense Image Information Distribution Service (DVIDS).
“We know there are a lot of soldiers playing video games during the break. When talking with them, we realized they played this tank game a lot and from there we started to exploit this form of training, ”the commander shared.
With each training session, the soldiers will hear the mission notice from the commander, read the training instructions to ensure all activities are carried out as accurately as possible. After each training session ends, the soldiers will have to discuss their performance in the game.
“We can exploit this game as a means of teaching tank team members. For example, tank drivers are instructed in making roster changes or roster changes. Of course, video games are limited, but at least young soldiers can understand the basics of their work, ”Sergeant Tommy Huynh explained.
Besides, video game training can help soldiers understand some of the commander ‘s tactical decisions.

Chú thích ảnh

War Thunder is a video game produced by the Russian company Gaijin Games and debuted in 2012. War Thunder players participating in the game will use vehicles from World War II, Iraq War, or Spanish Civil War to take part in simulated battles. The opportunity to use some of the older vehicles is somewhat beneficial for many soldiers, as they can appreciate more modern tanks today.

For the first time in history, PUBG is free to open

Launched in late 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG quickly received the attention of the gaming community because of the interesting gameplay called Battle Royale that the game brought. In the game, players will join 99 other players to participate in a map battle, collecting items such as guns, backpacks, blood to survive and become the last survivor.

Lần đầu tiên trong lịch sử, PUBG mở cửa miễn phí - Ảnh 1.

There was a time when PUBG stormed every market when the number of simultaneous players reached nearly 3 million players. However, entering 2020, due to the situation of cheat hacking that happened too much in the game, so many gamers were discouraged, within only 3 years, PUBG has lost 85% of the players. And the sad thing is that that number has no sign of stopping.

Recently, in order to redress the extremely gloomy game situation, PUBG Corp decided to allow gamers around the world to play PUBG completely free on the Steam game distribution platform within the last 4 days. week (i.e. from June 4, 2020 until here through June 8, 2020). According to PUBG Corp, they want to help their game get more new players who have never spent money to own to experience the most quintessential PUBG brings. PUBG Corp hopes this will help people who are in quarantine at home because the COVID-19 pandemic can relax by a fiery match in PUBG completely free on weekends.

Lần đầu tiên trong lịch sử, PUBG mở cửa miễn phí - Ảnh 3.

In addition, PUBG will also receive a discount of up to 50% during the Free Play event this weekend. However, the purchase of in-game items will not be available until the player purchases the full game. So if any player who hasn’t played one of the most played Battle Royale titles on the planet is waiting, plan your weekend with friends and play PUBG for free.

PlayStation 5: All information revealed to date

PlayStation 5 (or PS5) is known as the next generation of the famous PlayStation console, released by Sony and will be released in late 2020. Although Sony is still quite tight-lipped, TechRadar has received a Reliable information about this device.

Sforum - Trang thông tin công nghệ mới nhất rUmWSJJAKRC4Lo6KQpkCk9-scaled PlayStation 5: Tất cả những thông tin được hé lộ tính đến thời điểm hiện tại

PlayStation 5 release date
Sony has officially confirmed that the PS5 will be released on the “holiday in 2020” (“in time for Holiday 2020”), so the company is likely referring to the October to December period of this year. Maybe launch near Thanksgiving, Christmas, or start available at New Year.
Interestingly, the new gaming console from Microsoft, called the Xbox Series X, will also be released around November of this year. The competition between two famous gaming consoles promises to stir up the technology market by the end of 2020.

Sforum - Trang thông tin công nghệ mới nhất Screenshot__90_.0 PlayStation 5: Tất cả những thông tin được hé lộ tính đến thời điểm hiện tại

Sony PR has also confirmed that the PS5 release date is not delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, so fans will not need to worry as PS5 will definitely arrive later this year.
Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X select processors + graphics chips from AMD manufacturers. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su, the company is ramping up production to get it done as soon as possible, ensuring it meets the launch schedule of the devices.
Hopefully, in the near future, we will know the exact launch time of the PlayStation 5.
As of now, Sony has not officially confirmed the price of the PS5 console generation. The reason given is that the company has not reached a final decision on price.
According to Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki, there are many factors that affect the price of the product so it is not possible to discuss the amount of equipment at this time, the company will need time to define more about the costs involved and bring equilibrium prices to the market.

Sforum - Trang thông tin công nghệ mới nhất maxresdefault-3 PlayStation 5: Tất cả những thông tin được hé lộ tính đến thời điểm hiện tại

Although Sony has not yet decided on the price, there has been some news regarding the expected price of PS5. A source said that the PS5 product line will be sold in North America for $ 499 (about 11.7 million).
If this really happens, it will be good news for customers because this price is only $ 100 higher than the starting price of PS4 and PS4 Pro. However, this is only a dream when a report from Bloomberg stated that the number of PS5 units produced will be less than the PS4 predecessor in 2013.
From there, Bloomberg also predicted that Sony will sell up to 6 million computers by March 2021, while the same period a few years ago, PS4 sold 7.5 million units.

Not because the PS5’s charisma is not that strong, it’s simply that user demand is expected to diminish. The PS5 comes with a strong hardware configuration and high-end features, so the price may not be soft at all.
However, Sony may also consider losing a bit to attract customers when competitors Xbox Series X also launched at the same time. Remember when the PS4 launched, this device was superior to the Xbox One series because of its more affordable price. Sony can completely redo this method for the new generation PS5.

Top 5 best photography apps in the world

360-degree camera – the most popular beautiful photography app in the world
This is the image editing software “storming” for years and is always favored to install on your computer. It can be said that this software is the birth of shimmering images with photography features and amazing effects not inferior to today’s professional software.

This is a very popular photography app for those who love photo editing on smartphones on all three platforms Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The most outstanding advantages: Possessing many filters, many unique stickers, and rich photographic modes. Weaknesses, perhaps the interface has not been simplified, quite tangled for new users.

Snow – the hottest beauty photography app today

Snow is a simple way if you want to surprise your friends with unique selfie photos or videos. The application provides users with a variety of options such as adding motion stickers, doodle, or caption to photos in real-time. You can easily select your favorite sticker, apply it to your face to see if it is okay before touching the shutter button at the bottom of the interface.

VSCO – beautiful photography application with countless beautiful color filters

If you are tired of the fanciful sparkling filters, VSCO Cam will take you to the land of fascinating deep colors. The most obvious disadvantage of VSCO Cam is that the software is free to install, but if you want to use beautiful colors, you have to spend money to buy more.

Line Camera – beautiful photography application from Korea

Not only owning color editing effects, beauty functions, collage, dub … and sharing photos on social networks, Line also contains more than 5000 free sticker stickers to help users can be carefree. Use and modify your images without fear of being “in touch” with each other. Isn’t that great?

PicsArt – the most versatile beautiful photography app

PicsArt is considered a beautiful photography application that makes young people crazy and attached to the most loyal by its versatility. Simple interface, easy to use, and a series of interesting editing effects not inferior to specialized image editing software is the reason why a large number of young people choose this software.

In addition to the above applications, you can now shorten the time to edit photos by using smartphones with a unique camera integrated with natural editing technology. In particular, the most notable products from the Vivo brand such as Vivo V17 Pro, Vivo V12, Vivo V11i, … are able to meet the photographic needs of users, thanks to the AI technology, so Vivo products can take photos and record videos in any context with extremely sharp image quality. In addition, the integration of outstanding features such as automatic light adjustment, photography styling suggestions, AR funny stickers, HDR, Super Night Mode, self-makeup mode, etc. are the characteristics. Outstanding only in the Vivo phone line.

The best free game platforms today (Part 1)

Now that Steam is no longer in a monopoly position in the gaming application market, other publishers have developed their own gaming support tools or have more new quality options. inferior to the game store on Steam and offering many attractive promotions.
The presence of Epic, Uplay, etc. has made the market become vibrant and there is a huge competition between gaming platforms. However, for professional gamers, they will know what is the best support tool and have their own options when they want to join a certain game. Here are the best gaming support tools available for computers that suggests inviting you to refer to.

Perhaps not needing to say too much about Steam, Steam is the most popular gaming support tool today, this is also the official distribution channel of the famous PC gaming products, which is the first choice of Reputable game publisher independently.

Giao diện của ứng dụng cập nhật game online Steam

Currently, Steam is also the largest gaming support platform with a large number of gamers because of its outstanding features such as free games, early release games, gameplay, refund, cloud storage, share games, etc. In fact, Steam is also gradually increasing attractive promotions to keep players in the face of fierce competition in the market.

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store has just appeared on the market, but it quickly became known by many gamers. The Epic Games Store was released by Epic Games and put their babies on their own production tools. Therefore, you will have more opportunities to receive promotions, free gifts than on Steam.

Giao diện chính của Epic Game Store

Besides the “growers” products, there are also many other well-known publishers that have also embarked with the Epic Games Store. Even when Epic Games Store was launched, 3 publishers left Steam to come to this new platform. Every week, Epic Games gives users a quality free game, even, there are events that are the top AAA games.

Origin is a product of Electronic Arts, perhaps at this time Origin also focuses on EA-released products such as sports, action, and simulation games such as FIFA 20, Star War, The Sim, or Battlefield. However, you can see that these products are very good quality and have a loyal, stable number of players. That is the basis for Origin to continue to grow.

Giao diện kho ứng dụng trên Origin

Test versions of The Sim or Battlefield are launched right on Origin, so gamers want to experience great quality products at extremely preferential prices.